Our Vertical Blinds are functional and stylish, ideal for home or office, offering optimum light control for any space. You can take your pick from our choice of fabric colours and patterns. All this makes them an extremely adaptable product, suitable for any space. Vertical Blinds are recommended for windows, conservatories & patio doors. They are popular in living rooms, dining rooms & bedrooms. Vertical Blinds are also a firm favourite in offices, hospitals and schools.

Mixing different Vertical Slats

Create a unique combination for your window by mixing different vertical replacement slats. Order two or three different fabric slats, then mix and match them as you like. We recommend sticking to the same fabric texture to give your blind a professional edge. This is also a fun way to add a pop of colour into your current Vertical Blind - just replace every other slat, and order replacement slats for that number! Easy!


Elegance Collection

Cocktail Collection

Customized Printed