Cellular Blinds, or Honeycomb Blinds, are a window covering used to block or filter light and insulate windows to help save energy & reduce energy costs. Cell shapes in the blinds hold trapped air and create a barrier between the window surface and the room, thus lessening the transfer of heat. This applies to heat loss in winter as well as entry of undesired heat in summer. When air inside the room comes in contact with windows, it is cooled or warmed.
In common with all blinds, Cellular Blinds can reduce solar gain in summer and provide room darkening or blackout for sleeping. Like most other window treatments, they are raised and lowered with a string. Cellular Blinds are available to reduce the risk of strangulation for small children. Or you can also have the option of lowering the top of the shade down, and/or the bottom of the shade up; commonly referred to as a Top-Down-Bottom-Up Mechanism. We have three styles of Cellular Blinds namely, Classic Style, Top-Down/Bottom- Up Style and Day&Night Style. We also provide two types of Clutch Systems that are Cord Clutch and Cord Lock. We provide wireless motorize system as well.


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