Roman Skylight


Roman Skylight Blinds comprises of a single piece of fabric that’s divided into symmetrical horizontal pleats and fits perfectly together as they are lowered or raised. Roman Blinds are one of the most cost-effective options to install when it comes to skylight windows. They are both sophisticated and elegant, and are a classic option for controlling the amount of light that enters a room or to block out unwanted light. Available in various colors, fabrics, styles and patterns, these shades are versatile as they are simple. Skylight Roman Blinds add a special textural interest to the concept of the traditional skylight shade. They have a way of reducing harsh heat and glares while still allowing light into the room, just like roller blinds. Also, they offer protection from UV rays without sacrificing the views. With their motorization option controlled by a remote or smartphone app, these shades add both convenience and comfort to any space in your room.
Skylights provide rooms with a brighter, more open and airy feeling beyond what standard windows can offer. But like standard windows, harsh summer rays often stream in through skylights, overheating a space, they can also let cold air in during winter. Direct sunlight and glare pose potential snags, too (think afternoon napping or movie binging).